Good nutrition is secret to weight loss

Most of us don’t understand why they are gaining weight? The answer is it’s our daily eating habits that cause most weight gain, rather than individual episodes of binge-eating. The same principle applies to exercise and fitness. A modest amount of daily exercise is more effective and sustainable than occasional vigorous workouts.

Medical experts recommend small regular calorie-saving approach to weight management. They emphasize the value of aiming for small but realizable weight loss goals.


Weight gain or weight loss is determined in terms of calories. If you burn as many calories as you take in each day, there’s nothing left over for storage in fat cells and your weight remains constant. But if your calorie-intake exceeds your calorie-expenditure, the extra calories are stored somewhere on your body and you gain weight. Some fat loss 4 idiots guides, have shown desirable results for the overweight people.

It is also possible to reduce weight without physical workout, but it’s not an ideal option. Because losing weight typically involves losing both, muscle and fat. And as we loss more muscles, the lower our metabolic rate. That is why the best weight loss programs encourage you to reduce your calorie-intake and increase your exercise. Point is, if you make regular calorie savings, they add up to significant weight gain. According to the reviews of fat loss 4 idiots, accelerated metabolic rate is the key factor in fat loss.

Fat storage of body is a critical defense mechanism. The human body has not changed enough since the Stone Age. To enable Stone Age humans to survive periods of food shortage, the human body was designed to store energy which could then be drawn upon in times of famine. Thus for example, people could overeat during the hunting season, or when food was plentiful, and the surplus would be stored as fat tissue. And when food was short, the body would burn the deposited fat as energy.

Weight loss secret

Good nutrition is the basis of lasting weight loss. In order to lose weight we require an efficient metabolic rate and optimum efficiency requires nutritious food.

Calories are important as well. In fact, no matter how nutritious your diet, it won’t help you lose weight if it is too high in calories. But, like nutrition, calories are only part of the story. A low-calorie diet of junk food will not maintain the efficiency of your body or metabolism. As a consequence, before long weight loss will slow down and your health will suffer.

For healthy, lasting weight loss, the secret is to choose a calorie controlled nutritious diet which offers slow, steady weight loss to help you change your eating habits over the long term. Such a diet will help you to lose, about 100 pounds in a year.

Good nutrition is secret to weight loss
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