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Choosing Quality Physical Therapy Products

Rate this post is a well-stocked company to turn to when needing physical therapy supplies.  The website has a large selection of products available, at reasonable prices.  The site offers a variety of products suitable for physical therapy, massage therapy and occupational therapy, as well sports and athletic trainers.

Promed Products Xpress is very well established.  The company has been in business for nearly twenty years, providing clinicians and sports and athletic trainers with reasonably priced supplies.  The service is fast and reliable.  Additionally, the company has very knowledgeable customer service reps that help with any questions regarding the product and shipping information that one may have.

The company carries and supplies products across many modalities.  Products are available for acupuncture, analgesics, electrodes, electrotherapy and ultrasound, hydrotherapy, hot and cold therapy, iontopheresis, massage and wellness, portable electrotherapy, paraffin therapy, and skin care.  They also supply a range of products that aid in evaluation including diagnostic tools to test range of motion, scales and stadiometers, strength testing products, and tools for taking vital signs. 

Understanding The Causes And Risks Of Incontinence

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Urinary incontinence is a condition wherein individuals find it hard to control their urine movement. It is a fairly common problem for people today, especially for those who are starting to age. It can be very embarrassing but is still an unfortunate part of life.

Causes of Incontinence

As already mentioned, urinary incontinence or UI is usually a result of aging. As the body increases in years, some organs fail to function properly, hence the problems. Typically, UI can result from any of these major factors:

  • Overactive bladder
  • The urethra is lacking in resistance, therefore allowing the fluid to pass through
  • Inability of the bladder to tighten
  • Inability to empty the bladder due to a blockage
  • Combination of these factors

Allegro Ostomy Supplies Available With Wide Selection

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There are certain supplies that may be needed on an ongoing basis for those using an ostomy pouching system, but Allegro ostomy supplies make it easier for both customers and practitioners to purchase whatever it is that they need and get it delivered to their door.

An ostomy pouch is used in order to replace or circumnavigate a biological system such as the urinary tract or colon, and instead uses a stoma. This is a surgically created opening that connects the interior part of a body part to the outside, which is typically tubing leading into a pouch. This pouch can then be emptied as needed.

The procedure to put that in place and the supplies needed after the fact can be extensive, but Allegro supplies cover a wide range of needs.

Nearly 600 Allegro Ostomy Supply Items Available

The Importance Of Having A Modern Chiropractic Office

The Importance Of Having A Modern Chiropractic Office 5.00/5 (100.00%) 11 votes

For healthcare professionals, staying current is everything.  New referrals expect modern equipment, and loyal patients are counting on the practitioner to keep their supplies consistently upgraded to keep up with the times.  There is always going to be competition, and if a patient doesn’t feel like they are receiving the best attention, they are going to find a better option.

A chiropractor’s job depends on a myriad of items, some used more often than others, but all equally important.  Keeping a well-equipped office doesn’t just help the chiropractor to perform their job properly, it also reassures the patients that they are in good hands.  First impression is so important for healthcare professionals, and people can tell if someone is relying on equipment that they shouldn’t be.

Allegro Medical Provides Medical Supplies for All Needs

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Find the right supplier for medical equipment and materials can be difficult for professionals and private individuals alike. On one hand, the supplies have to come with the utmost quality, as effective medical care is predicated on having access to reliable medical products. On the other hand, it is also important to be able to access these supplies at reasonable prices.

Allegro Medical takes care of both of those requirements when it comes to shopping for medical supplies. This company has been operating on the Internet since 1997 and over the past 16 years has become one of the most trusted supplies of medical materials on the web. Customers can shop for a huge range of medical supplies meeting a wide range of needs, and both professionals and private individuals will appreciate the range and prices offered at

Selection of Burn Care Products

Allegro Medical has a wide variety of products for all sorts of medical care needs. Medical professionals can access a huge range of supplies and equipment for their practices and facilities, and private individuals can get the lowest prices possible on the home care products they need.

Massage Warehouse Offers Great Products at Great Prices

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A successful massage therapy business depends on many things. They include thorough training, well-honed skill, a strong bedside manner, and sharp business acumen.

A calming, restorative and relaxing professional environment is also necessary. And a big part of that environment is the equipment, products and supplies a massage therapist uses.

Massage Warehouse offers the best selection of the best massage supplies, all at the best prices. is the highest-quality purveyor of massage products in the business, with a record of customer service that can’t be matched.

The Highest-Quality Products

Attracting clients to a massage clinic means providing a comforting setting, top-notch products and reliable equipment. Only the best massage supplies are offered at Massage Warehouse.

Get Your Evaluation Tools at

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Being able to properly and accurately evaluate your therapy clients is essential to having a successful and profitable physical therapy department or clinic. Having the right tools at your disposal can help you provide and interpret the most accurate numbers in order to best serve your clients and customers. is your one stop online supplier that has everything you need to be able to rehabilitate your clients back into the world.

No matter if you need to simply replace a piece of broken or faulty equipment, or completely outfit a brand new therapy unit, Advantage Medical has the products and supplies you need to keep you working and keep your patients recovering.

Three Topical Analgesics from ScripHessco Chiropractic Supplies

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Topical analgesic creams are safe, effective and non-invasive treatments for sore muscles and painful joints. Chiropractic clinics, wellness centers and massage therapy studios use analgesic creams for various therapies. While they are generally not recommended for heat therapy, health care practitioners often use them for ice therapy and other targeted treatments. The best analgesic creams are smooth, fast-acting products that penetrate deeply and work immediately upon application.

Choose Advantage Medical Supply for Rehabilitation Supplies and Equipment

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Advantage Medical Supply is a one-stop shop for physical therapy equipment and supplies. This website offers a comprehensive array of equipment and supplies for affordable pricing. Here are a few examples of what people can expect on the Advantage Medical website:

Cardio equipment is essential in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Many people need cardio equipment to rebuild muscle strength and cardiovascular stamina. The following are some of the most popular equipment used in rehabilitation:

Elliptical Machines: Elliptical machines are common in rehabilitation because the machines are low impact and do not jar the joints. Many people buy elliptical machines for this reason. The machines are affordable and only cost between $1000 and $7000 depending on the number of features offered and the quality of the machine.

Massage Chairs Make a Debut at Massage Warehouse

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Massage Chairs Make a Debut at Massage Warehouse
Massage Warehouse provides numerous types of massage therapists with massage chairs. The massage chairs are of high quality and are affordable. Massage Warehouse often offers promotional deals for 15 percent off all items featured on the website. If the item costs several hundred dollars, this could mean significant savings. Here are some examples of the types of massage chairs available for purchase:

Grasshopper Massage Chair Kit
The Grasshopper portable massage chair is strong, light weight, easy to set up and adjust. Transport of this massage chair is also easy. The chair can easily be set up on-site for massage. These types of massage chairs are often seen in malls. Massage therapists are often seen giving massages to people in the mall for a nominal fee. The massage chairs are available in black, purple, burgundy, agate blue and vanilla crème.

AllegroMedical is the Place to Buy Catheters

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For those people looking for a place to buy catheters, AllegroMedical is an ideal place. Medical supply websites have become very popular over the last few years. More people have found that they can get a better price and a potentially better product if they use the resources found online. With that in mind, individuals have a choice. There are many good websites that provide individuals with a wide range of catheters. There is a good reason why AllegroMedical consistently comes out ahead with medical supply consumers. It comes down the user-friendly website, the good selection, the elite prices and the reasonable return policies.

A website that is easy to use
For some consumers, a primary goal is using a website that is relatively simple. This is especially true for those people who are entering old age. Having to fly around a difficult or cumbersome website can be a major problem for these individuals. With that in mind, the site is easily navigable. Users have the ability to sort different catheters according to brand, price and other considerations. Potential medical supply buyers can get what they need without having to waste too much time perusing the site.

Making Life Better with Incontinence Products

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Making life better with products for incontinence
Most of the people hate the idea of discussing their incontinence problem with others. They may be even shy to talk of it to a doctor. If you are one such person, who is suffering from such a problem, and wouldn’t want to discuss it, the products and supplies for incontinence available today in the market are truly meant for you!

Incontinence is a condition that can cause health issues as well as hygiene issues. So if you have this problem, you should be aware of the precautions to be taken and the supplies that will help you be clean and safe always. All these can be either obtained easily from a drug store, or can be bought from online stores.

Exercise Tips for Women on the Go

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Everybody is busy these days, which is why more and more women are considering unhealthy options like tummy liposuction and liposuction arm. Instead of dealing with their consequences, consider these healthy options:

1. Walk
Certainly you can take out some time for walking or running. Choose stairs at work instead of the elevator, and walk a few minutes around the house once you’re home. Climbing the stairs is excellent for toning up legs.

2. Pushups
Not many people like pushups but they are easy to do when you are short on time. If there is an appropriate place at work, just start with 2 to 3 pushups a day. You can also do them standing against the wall to build arm strength.

3. Leg lifting
Not everyone can exercise with keeping legs straight so try bending the legs slightly. This is a quick and easy exercise with great impact on the muscles.

4. Crunches
It’s a classic for making the abdominal muscles stronger. Like pushups, you don’t need much time for crunches. Start with a few in the beginning, and if possible, divide them in several sets for managing time.

Treating Habitual Pains with Orthopedic Pillow

Treating Habitual Pains with Orthopedic Pillow 5.00/5 (100.00%) 14 votes

Mysteries of the Orthopedic Pillow
orthopedic pillowThe orthopedic pillow is one of the latest gadgets that are being used to control the habitual pains that people face when they are trying to get some rest. The pain that people feel within their skeletal system is based on stresses and pains that come about as a result of overuse or strenuous activity.

The bedroom is supposed to be the resting place when such troubles are put away but unfortunately it can become the scene of even more pain if the person does not take steps to increase their pain killer intake. This does not have to be the case because the orthopedic pillow does provide some natural relief. This is a pillow that is meant to cater for the problems of the back and other joints through fitting round the body of the subject.

The Ill Effects of CT Scans

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CT scan side effects can be many and yet medical practitioners today do not want to do away with these steps when it comes to certain forms of healing.

image by Tequila Biscayne

Where as repeated CT scan is harmful for the brain and the nervous system a couple of them have not shown to be deteriorating to health. In fact for certain health issues, accidents and health problems, CT scan is indispensable. When one is considering one of the most effective images studying of the brain a CT scan comes to forefront of primal importance. It is considered to be of high risk but then there are problems which cannot be understood without a scan that can pose greater risk to the health of a person or to the immediate cause.