Exercise Tips for Women on the Go

Everybody is busy these days, which is why more and more women are considering unhealthy options like tummy liposuction and liposuction arm. Instead of dealing with their consequences, consider these healthy options:

1. Walk
Certainly you can take out some time for walking or running. Choose stairs at work instead of the elevator, and walk a few minutes around the house once you’re home. Climbing the stairs is excellent for toning up legs.

2. Pushups
Not many people like pushups but they are easy to do when you are short on time. If there is an appropriate place at work, just start with 2 to 3 pushups a day. You can also do them standing against the wall to build arm strength.

3. Leg lifting
Not everyone can exercise with keeping legs straight so try bending the legs slightly. This is a quick and easy exercise with great impact on the muscles.

4. Crunches
It’s a classic for making the abdominal muscles stronger. Like pushups, you don’t need much time for crunches. Start with a few in the beginning, and if possible, divide them in several sets for managing time.
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5. Static jogging
You don’t need any equipment or take out time for going out running every morning. Instead, take a few minutes off at work and jog in place. You can also do this at home while watching TV.

6. Squats
Squats are great for working out your buttocks and legs. The good thing is that you do not have to leave your office chair for this exercise.

7. Quick Weight Lifting
Keep a few light weight dumbbells at work, and take a few minutes every day to lift them. If you get some time at home, you can start off with items like detergent bottles or milk jugs. Using this technique, you will be able to build your abs without getting a tummy liposuction.

8. Lower back stretches
While sitting tall in your chair at work, place your left arm at the back of your left hip, and twist it gently to the left, with the help of your right hand. Hold in this position for half a minute and repeat on the other side. This is an excellent exercise for hands and arms, which will prevent you from considering liposuction arm

9. Hip Flexion
Sitting in your chair, hold your abs in and lift up your left foot a couple of inches from the floor. In this position, your knee should be bent so you hold it for at least two seconds. Then lower your position and repeat the step on both sides.

10. Side Bends
You can use your small water bottle or a similar item. Hold it in both hands and lift it over your head with arms straight. Bring it down and contract your abs. Repeat this step several times.

Exercise Tips for Women on the Go
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