Migraines may indicate lower risk of developing breast cancer

US researchers say that women who suffer regular migraines may find some comfort to know that they have a considerable lower risk of developing breast cancer.

The researchers found a 30 percent lower risk for breast cancer in their study that included 3,412 women.

However, the researchers warned that more work was needed to confirm the link.

According an estimate, almost 30% women have to suffer at least one migraine in their lifetime.

Scientists have linked the condition (includes nausea and visual disturbance besides severe headaches) with fluctuating hormones levels.

Pregnancy and the use of the contraceptive pill that affect hormone levels can also cause noticeable changes in the frequency and severity of migraines.

The study is the first to look at whether these changes have an effect on the chances of developing breast cancer.

In their study the researchers included 1,938 those women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and 1,474 those who didn’t have any history of the disease. The researchers asked the women to report if they had ever been diagnosed with migraines by a doctor.

The researchers found that women with a history of migraines were less likely to develop breast cancer.

Migraines may indicate lower risk of developing breast cancer
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