What is Espiritism?

There are some interesting debates going on across the globe, especially when it comes to psychic readings. A large number of psychics seem to employ methods to communicate with the dead. So the question is whether it is for real or not?

An espirita is a person in the psychic world who acts as a medium and can interact with the dead and may perhaps see them or feel them. They are equipped with the ways to deal with all sorts of spirits as they come into existence. For all those who are interested to know more about these psychics, espiritas are also called the muertos. These muertos are believed to converse with the spirits, both good and bad.

The espiritas are believed to belong to the African race. They originated from a spiritual sect that learnt how to communicate with the dead and use the dead for our own benefit. Expiritism is the art of interacting with your spiritual guides and you need to have a lot of faith for this to work for you correctly.

You may have come across advertisements in your local newspaper or on the psychic websites about people conversing with dead. A herd of online psychics claim to interact directly with your forefathers and bring out solutions to all your problems. However, it is entirely on you to believe such a concept that is widely criticised by all the major religions of the world.

What is Espiritism?
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