Feel good – key to healthy pregnancy

As you start your journey towards motherhood, first time, it might be possible that you have vast sum of preparation, anxiety, fear or misinformation.

Feeling good about your own is the only key to making the most of the successful childbearing year. Women, who accept the changes gleefully, celebrate the variation that occur to her during pregnancy, face the challenge of delivery, and freely manage the pregnancy stages, hormonal and emotional changes of the postnatal period.

Division of expecting mothersk

Unfortunately, Majority of women don’t step into pregnancy with healthy self-images. Feeling good about themselves could get extremely difficult, as their bodies experience pregnancy signs. At that time they need a high level of motivation from friends and family in the first challenging year of their lives.

According to the researchers, pregnant women can be divided into two categories, those who react positively and those who don’t feel very good. Women who are included in first group are those who have love-hate relationship with their bodies and feel cultural pressure to look young and smart. They always try to struggle against the natural body changes which are out of their control.

Second group of positive thinkers feel good when their body starts to change and accept the truth that life is growing within their womb and consider it as the best time of their lives.

Importance of self–image
Normally, self-image of a woman fluctuates many times during the course of her pregnancy. It is really hard to feel healthy while women are bending over a sink and throwing up, but the feeling of body changes are entirely different when they stepped into the second trimester, when they may overwhelm by their baby’s movements. Then, the breathlessness and difficulty during sleep starts to occur, which are the main signs of the third trimester.

In this particular time, women considerably feel less enthusiastic than the entire previous span of pregnancy. Third trimester is the period, when many women start to feel negatively towards their bodies with larger bellies. According to the Dr Carl Jones “So many expectant women see themselves as misshapen, gauche extend to ugliness during the later prenatal months.”

Feel good – key to healthy pregnancy
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