Fats May Control Obesity, Researchers Said

It’s hard to believe that fat can burn the calories, but new study has found that, in adults there are some small spots of brown fats that have the ability to regulate metabolic rate, formerly, these spots were believed to exit only in the babies and kids.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

This brown fat can be termed as good fat, unlike white fat that constitute majority of the body fat, because it actively burns the body fat and utilize that generated energy.

This unique type of study first time showed that brown fat also does exist in the adults which can actively regulate the metabolic rate of the body. “this study has diverted the concern toward the brown fat in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, obesity and its associated risks,” lead researcher C. Ronald Kahn said.

Researchers are hopeful and trying to enhance the growth of brown fat in the body that can treat the diseases associated with metabolic disorders like obesity and can improve metabolic rate and hence control weight. Thin younger adults, with optimum blood glucose level, contain the higher number of brown fats. These fats work more actively during winter when more energy is required to maintain the body temperature.

“Apart from the presence of brown fats in adults, we also found significant differences in the quantity of brown fats on the basis of different factors such as blood glucose level, age, and the extent of obesity,” researchers reported.

Fats May Control Obesity, Researchers Said
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