Excessive drinking can increase dementia risk

Experts have warned that urgent action should be taken to avoid Britain heading for a dementia epidemic due to the Britons’ binge-drinking culture.

The study, which has been published, in the British Journal of Psychiatry, relates excessive drinking to a loss of brain tissue.

Dr James Warner and Dr Susham Gupta say that now people are drinking almost double what they used to in the 1960s and cheaper alcohol can also be a cause. They believe that the problem can be avoided by introducing tough laws.

Excessive drinking is related to a higher risk of dementia, as alcohol accounts for almost a tenth of all cases and heavy drinking is considered to contribute to almost a quarter.

The study authors have noted that the prices of alcohol comparing to average UK income have halved since the 1960s.

Consumption of pure alcohol per head has nearly doubled(less than 6 liters a year more than 11.5 liters) between the early part of that decade and 2000.

According to study authors, if trends keep going the same way, the UK pollution will drinking more alcohol than any other European country within next 10 years.

The say: “Considering the nurotoxic effects of alcohol and the relentless increase in per capita consumption, future generations may see an alarming increase in alcohol-related dementia.”

Excessive drinking can increase dementia risk
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