Chronic illness and healthy sex life

People with diseases like asthma, diabetes and heart diseases often have to face fatigue and ongoing pain due to various causes. It becomes quite difficult for these patients to have sex with such illnesses.

  1. But if these patients follow the following instructions, they can make their sex life enjoyable despite these diseases.
  2. People with chronic illness should try to find out that on what time of the day, they really feel energized and healthy. They can plan having sex at that times.
  3. They must take a lot of rest and make themselves as much relaxed as possible.
  4. They must avoid sex just after eating. It is better to have sex after two hours of eating.
  5. People, who use pain medicine, need to take it almost half an hour before sex.
  6. Tobacco and excessive use of alcohol badly affect sexual performances, so avoid smoking and consume limited alcohol amounts.
Chronic illness and healthy sex life
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