What Should be Done Before and After the Surgery?

Lasik or Eye refractive surgery is one the most painless procedure for eye treatment. Although during the surgery a strange feeling of feeling uncomfortable and tightness is there due to the discomfort caused by the initial clip which is used to wide open the eye lids, the Microkeratome instruments makes it flap which is these days even done faster.

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What things to consider before the eye refractive surgery?

Anyone person who is getting operated for the eye refractive surgery has to go through an evaluation better termed as a “Baseline LASIK evaluation”.

It is compulsory for all patients that to discontinue the use of contact lenses and one has to switch to glasses for some time.

Through great research it is concluded that due to prolonged usage of eye contact lenses the cornea of the eye tends to change the shape of your eye. The cornea especially changes its shape and moulds itself as per the shape of the lens. This is common with lenses with high power. And when Lasik surgery or the eye refractive surgery is done and the lens is removed the cornea gradually reverts to its normal shape.

However when one rushes to get the lens removed the cornea might revert back to irregular shape that is the reason one must not hurry for such surgery and be precautious to wear glasses as per requirement.

Few points one must always follow at any cost:

  1. One should stop wearing contact lenses five days before the evaluation of the eye and the surgery. Other toric lenses should be discontinued before 8 days of the procedure.
  2. RGP lenses or better known as the hard lenses have to be stopped using almost 2weeks b, you should stop wearing them for at least 2 weeks before the evaluation and surgery.

Precaution is always better than treatment so take care of your eyes from beginning.

What Should be Done Before and After the Surgery?
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