US Swine Flu Deaths Hit Double-Digits

The swine flu is a disease that is spreading rather rapidly in the United States, from Mexico where it was first reported. Among the United States’ first fatalities resulting from swine flu infection were reported in Utah.

Over 10 people have died so far in the United States from the much feared flu that is said to have been a mutation of the flu in pigs.

At least one fatality was also reported in Arizona. Overall, worldwide, more than ten thousand people have fallen sick due to swine flu. The number of deaths is about eighty, with the majority being in Mexico. Seventy five people have died in Mexico alone because of the swine flu. Ten deaths have been reported in the United States. Both Costa Rica and Canada have reported one each.

The disease has spread across 41 countries. A large number of schools and other public institutions where cases of the virus were reported were closed down. Most experts, however, said that closing down these institutions would do little towards halting the spread of the virus which was infecting a lot of people daily.

In Tokyo, the very first cases were two girls who happened to attend the Model United Nations Conference in New York. Japan was the fourth most infected country in the world, with a confirmed 267 cases. It fell behind Mexico, the United States and Canada. The US government is however doing all possible to contain the spread of the flu.

US Swine Flu Deaths Hit Double-Digits
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