Sudden death is mounting in children

Infant death rate from obstruct of suffocation have increased fourfold in the past twenty years in U.S. alone, most of the victim are those who used to sleep with their parents, government researchers reported.

Most affected babies were black males but why, the reason is still unknown, researchers at the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

Study findings are clearly defining the trend. Already campaigns have launched to prevent sudden infant death syndrome also known as cot death or crib death, by putting kids to sleep on their backs instead of their separate beds.

“Mortality rate of sudden death due to suffocation and strangulation, in infants had quadrupled since 1984” the researchers reported.

To prevent such incident babies should be laid to sleep alone, on flat surface with small tight cushions in a cot with bars to keep the child from falling down.

“Sudden death includes all deaths occurred due to strangulation, accidental suffocation, sudden infant death syndrome and some unknown causes.” Shapiro-Mendoza said.

Sudden infant death syndrome has been reduced greatly by counseling with the parents or caregivers to put infants in their beds, to keep room on moderate temperature and to keep away the loose blankets and pillows from infants

Although counseling has provided some relief and the unexpected infant death rate has fallen since 1984 but the death rate from suffocation has significantly increased between 1996 and 2004.

The major cause of death reported was ‘overlay’, parents unconsciously roll over onto their child.

Sudden death is mounting in children
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