Study casts doubts on fish oil benefits

A review suggests that fish oil may help to decrease the number of heart diseases’ related deaths, but it appears to have no help for patients with heart beat problems.

The review has been based on the results of various fish oil related studies in which nearly 30,000 patients were involved. The researchers from the University of Alberta conducted the study and it has been published in the journal BMJ online edition.

The researchers found that it was reported in almost 11 studies that fish oil helped to decrease heart problem 20%. But no study could determine the most favorable formulation or recommended dose for fish oil.

In 6 studies it was reported that fish oil wasn’t effective in avoiding deaths from heart problems. A nonaligned outcome, for reducing the need of defibrillators implantation by fish oil, was shown by 3 studies.

Researchers say that they need more funding to unveil the myths related to fish oil and find out whether its so-called benefits really exists or not. They also believed that it would help to safe marine life.

Study casts doubts on fish oil benefits
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