Some Facts about Smoking

All of us know, smoking is injurious to health. Smoking not only harms lungs but nearly all vital organs of the body. According to estimation, cigarette smoking contributes up to 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. In real smoking facts, it is also responsible for many other types of cancers and health abnormalities such as Respiratory track disease, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cataracts etc.

Female smokers have an elevated risk of certain complications during pregnancy or having a baby die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Not only for you, cigarette smoke is also harmful for other people in your surrounding, they breathe in your exhaled smoke, known as secondhand smoke, and can catch up in many of the same problems as smokers do. Quit tobacco smoking can reduce your risk of such deadly diseases. The earlier you quit, the greater the health benefit you shall enjoy.

No safer way to smoke cigarettes

Though, some people put some efforts to make their smoking habit safer by smoking fewer cigarettes. Researchers have explained that even light smoking from 1 to 4 cigarettes each day can cause serious health problems, including heart attack and death at a relatively younger age.

Some people assume that switching from brand of high-tar and nicotine cigarettes to those of the lower ones makes smoking safer, but it has no concern with the reality. When people go for lower tar and nicotine brand their frequency of smoking increase to achieve the same nicotine level as before. Not even a single study has ever established that, the risk of lung cancer is lower with light or low-tar cigarettes.

Half of the people, who keep on smoking, die because of health problem caused by it. In the U.S, tobacco causes 1 in 5 deaths and kills 443,000 Americans annually. Smoking is the only most controllable cause of death.

Yet, it is not too late to stop smoking. The sooner smokers quit, the lower is the risk of getting deadly diseases, as body start repairing itself, after few minutes of smoking.

Quit smoking

To quit smoking is not an easy task, and some people of lesser will power soon detract. There are many ways to quit smoking, such as stop smoking pills, nicotine replacement therapies or other medications. There are so many ways including step by step manuals, self –help classes, drug rehab program. But the most important aspect in quitting smoking is the personal behavior, to enhance the chances of success, try to implement two or more methods to help you quit.

Some Facts about Smoking
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