Smoking and Obesity Reduce Life Span

Obesity can cuts down the life span of an obese person, a new study suggested. Moderated obesity means almost 50 to 60 pounds above then the ideal body mass index can shorten three to four years of life and the most American middle-age men having the extra 150 pounds than their ideal weight which can shorten life span by ten years.

Thought this level is not as much common as smoking as smoking is also known to reduce the life span by ten years, so both reasons are equally dangerous.

For the study, Whitlock the lead researcher analyzed the data of 894,576 people with 25 BMI. According to the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, people are considered overweight when they have a BMI over 25 and 29.9 and obese after crossing BMI 30 and more.

Optimum weight for the person with height 5 feet 7 inches is 154 and participants of the study whose BMI Values were between 22 to 25 lived the longest life.

Obesity increase the chances of occurrence of many diseases such as renal failure, various cancers, liver impairment but the most common diseases that can kill obese are stroke and heart diseases.

Researcher also noticed that people with low BMI also die earlier and related cause are the diseases arise from smoking. “Obese have to quit smoking, if obese person is non-smoker he or she have to avoid extra weight gain. Both, smokers and obese, can gain extra years of life buy quit smoking and shedding half of their bodyweight, respectively.”

Smoking and Obesity Reduce Life Span
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