Second US woman delivered octuplets

Since 1998, another American woman had delivered eight babies in single pregnancy and has become the second U.S. lady who gave birth to living octuplets.

Among them two were baby girls and six were baby boys which were nine week premature and delivered through C-section in the hospital of Los Angeles.

The birth weight of all babies was within the range of 0.82 to 1.47 kilograms and all are in good healthy conditions. They are energetically screaming around, staff nurses said

The identification of the mother has not been disclosed and she said that minimum information be liberated about the children. Doctors said that all deliveries took place within five minutes and this is truly amazing.

The team of the doctor had already planed c-section for the seven babies, but they got astonished when eight one came out.

“Lo and behold, after we got to Baby ‘G’, the last one we were expecting, we were surprised by Baby ‘H’.” said Dr Karen Maples.

Three of them were suffering some breathlessness, but all other were booming, a doctor said

Now all babies are in incubator and will stay there for the first six week of their life.  Their mother has decided to breast feed them all. Team doctors stated

Nkem Chukwu, the first women who delivered octuplets in Texas, in1998 said “it’s a time to enjoy. It’s a blessing truly blessing and we shall keep praying for their good health and future.”

Unfortunately, one baby of Nkem Chukwu, was died about a week later of its birth but rest of the survivors celebrated their 10th birthday in December 2008

Second US woman delivered octuplets
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