Repeated Medical Errors – a Rising Problem in the ICUs

Errors in the administration of inject able drug are frequent in the intensive care units of hospital, a study involving 27 countries suggested.

Out of 441 patients affected with blunders, seven got permanent disabilities and five were almost dead due to the errors, British Medical Journal reported. On the inquiry staff of ICU blamed the workload and tiredness.

Data of 113 patients of ICU was collected by the researchers among them 17 were in the UK.

The most frequently errors made, in general, were the missing dose, administration spot and wrong time of administration.

Few cases of wrong drug and inaccurate dose were also seen.  Researchers analyzed that the 69 percent of the total errors were made during the routine care of ICU patients.

Confusion has also been raised due to the change in the brand or generic name of the medicines. The rising number of odds in the severely ill patients represents the complexity of their care.

“The problem is common in the all department of the medical health care which were involved in the study. It a serious health issue, administration of drug injection is a very delicate point in the safety of the patient,” lead researcher Dr. Andreas Valentin said.

A spokesman of patient association said, the results are quite upsetting but we know that ICU staff put its best effort to save lives but such kind of mistakes should be considered.

Health department has stated that, “we are working in collaboration with NSPA, pharmacists and professional organizations to minimize the incidences of medical errors, which is a clear international problem.”

Repeated Medical Errors – a Rising Problem in the ICUs
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