Prevention May Cause More than It Cures

A recent study in Chicago has shown that in fact disease prevention and the obsessions over them have proved to be costlier than curing the diseases itself. People today are more concentrated on prevention of diseases having seen others who have gone that path.

But seldom has it proven to be true that the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound”, has come to be effective. There are more cases now where the actual disease treatment has cost less in a person’s life than a person who has spent most of his or her life taking means and measures of preventing the disease.

Of course this does not mean that one foregoes healthcare, exercise and supplementing but it goes on to prove that obsessing over preventing a disease effectively will only rip one off of money than what may actually cost to cure the disease. Having said that it comes to be quite a lot of money! So health bills come to be on the rise whether someone is at high risk of catching any disease or not!

So when observed the programs that people participate in, whether they are in any program for curing a disease or preventing a diseases, it has been found that the latter group definitely ends up spending more.

Prevention May Cause More than It Cures
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