Motor control exercise relieves lower back pain

Particular exercises of the muscles, that support the movement of spin, may eliminate lower back pain, researchers suggested.

The review of previous clinical trials show that, motor control exercises are far better than the mild therapies used for the treatment of lower back pain and provide synergistic effects when added with other therapies for instance general physical work out or physical therapy.

Motor control exercise is a new technique for the management of lower back pain. In this technique patient are taught to control deeper muscles of abdomen and back that maintain spinal movements.

So far, the evidences are limited about the effectiveness of therapy, according to the researchers.

By accumulation the outcomes of 14 studies, researchers’ notices that the motor control exercises are equally effective in long or short term lower back pains and reduce the chances of disability.

This special exercise is different from the conventional physical workout. “Patients of lower back pain should confer with physical therapist that has complete command in this field.”

It is still unclear how these exercises help to treat lower back pain, but facts have shown that in some people with long term backache, some deeper muscles don’t work appropriately and motor control exercise concentrate on this root cause.

“Motor control exercise is the key to treat lower back pain rather than normal exercise like walking,” researcher added.

Motor control exercise relieves lower back pain
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