Most of detox do nothing good, scientists find

According to the researchers, different products, which are widely hyped for the body “detox”, don’t seem to do any good for the body.

In this study (funded by the trust Sense About Science), the researchers reviewed 15 different detox products like face scrub and bottled water. The researchers found that many high claims about these products were superfluous.

If one is worried about Christmas overindulgence after-effects, one can get the similar sort of benefits from getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy.

The researchers from the Voice of Young Science network, commenced their investigation to unpick ‘devious’ science claims about various detox products. It’s quite trendy these days that various makers of such products use such phrases for these products as sound scientific, but in actual most of these claims prove false claims.

The researchers have challenged to the companies who are making these products like shampoo, detox patches, body brushes and vitamins to come with the evidence to support their claims about detox.

When a researcher investigated a face wash that was claimed to prove effective in removing toxins from the skin, she found that it only removed those toxins which could be removed by any other cleanser.

Most of detox do nothing good, scientists find
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