Medicine Patch Cause Skin Burns in MRI

The FDA has issued a warning that people should avoid the use of drug patches while undergoing the MRI as, this can cause the skin burns.

Experiments have tested all kinds of brand and generic patches, which include painkiller, weight loss or steroid patches.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Some patches are soled without the caution and may contain aluminum. Thought the magnetic resonance does not attract this metal but it is a good conductor of electricity, producing heat that in result burns the skin FDA said.

“Skin patches are normally used for the slow release of medicine. Patients those can’t take these types of medicine orally use the patch of that specific drug to minimize the irritation. These patches are use to treat pain, sex drive weight loss etc,” Dr. Sandra Kweder said.

“Several of these contain trace amount of metal that can heat up during the process of MRI. FDA has just realized there is no precaution printed on the available patches. According to the collected data, sixty patches of different medications are available and 25 among them contain the electricity conductor,” Kweder added

Though this is not a general health issue and few cases of burns with MRI have been reported yet. Now the FDA is going to review all available patches and will ensure the products with warning. Agency is also going to introduce the standards for all tha patch makers.

FDA recommending people to consult doctor about the body patch before undergoing to MRI, till the completion of the review. It’s now doctor’s duty to tell you to detach the patch and put it on after the procedure.

Medicine Patch Cause Skin Burns in MRI
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