Genital herpes now preventable with Cream

Half a billion of global population is carrier of herpes simplex viruses. Herpes is a controllable disease but its prevention is almost impossible. It spreads through sex among people.

U.S scientists have developed a cream for topical use which can prevent from genital herpes. This cream has been tested in the mice, so far. This treatment stops the replication of the both type’s herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2, in the new host.

Type-2 herpes virus, more violent than type-1, transmits through sex and cause painful blisters filled with fluid. It can also transmit from mother to her child during birth and put the neonate on high risk of brain damage and even death if not treated on exact time.

The cream, developed at Harvard Medical School, uses a technique called RNA interference, which stops the genes the virus needs to replicate from working properly.

The cream developed by using the RNA interference method at Harvard Medical School that inhibits the gene of virus to replicate.

“The most attractive feature of the developed cream is that it enables the body tissues to resist viral infection, even one week prior to intercourse.” Led researcher said.

Gynaecologist, Dr Gillian Vanhegan said, “it’s really interesting indeed”.

“Obviously you must know the time of use but it is worthy for those who’s partner are virus carrier.”

Now researchers are trying to develop cream for human use, simultaneously, trying to find out either the same principle also applied to prevent AIDS or not.

Genital herpes now preventable with Cream
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