Early Teen Sex Linked to Music

Teenagers, who enjoy the humiliating music with sexual lyrics, can engage into sex at relatively early age, a U.S. study founded.

In a survey, researchers interviewed 711 youngsters about their music habit and sex life. They found, listener of music with sexually explicit and aggressive expressions, are more likely to have sex, almost double, than the non listeners.

But experts objected that, only music cannot be directly related with the sexual behavior.

The team of researchers classed such music, which present sex more physical act than the loving emotion and relate it to power.

The researches say no to point out that particular songs which, according to them, fall in the degrading category. But the axiom like “I’m gonna beat that pussy up” or “ass like that” are the lyrics being used by the pop singers.

The divided the teenagers from 13 to 18 years of age, into three groups on the basis of their listening. The time invested for the music was ranged from 2.7 hours to17.6 hours.

Researchers found 45 percent of regular listeners were sexually active than the 21 percent occasional listeners.

“There is a definite connection between sex and music, but more research is required to confirm that music has any direct influence on the sex early in life,” lead researcher Dr Brian Primack said.

But UK experts were suspicious about the level achieved by such music.

“It is far too unsophisticated to blame music for the early sex. There are number of factors that can influence decisions. This study indicates toward the better sex education for the youngsters to address these kinds of issues.”

Early Teen Sex Linked to Music
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