Doctors’ drug guide needs adjustments

Doctors, sometime, prescribe the chemotherapeutic drugs, without the knowledge of the limitations of the drug, a new study said.

The new released report showed that sometime, pharmacist and even oncologists don’t have the updated information of the drugs used to treat cancer.

Common physicians, most of the time, rely on the information of the compendia (the resource used by oncologists and pharmacists) for off-label information and accept them as a most authentic source very often, when the question about insurance arises about the drug.

The researchers found that in fact there are flaws in the system that used to ensure the up gradation of the knowledge of the compendia and doesn’t provide the most recent information on the regular basis.

Oncologists follow compendia and use such drugs of choice for cancer that has not been proved by the FDA to treat ailment.  There are some drugs that are being used by the doctors in different segments, for example doctors are using the bevacizumab to treat brain cancer but some FDA has not approved it for brain tumors. It is actually developed to treat lung and colorectal cancer.

Researchers found some more evidences that prove that the compendia are not working in the way that it should. That is why the updated knowledge is not approaching to the concerned person.

“We have analyzed that, due to some limitations, compendia are not currently working up to the mark. There are number of ways to improve system. The ways of improvement would be defined by the policymakers,” researchers added.

Doctors’ drug guide needs adjustments
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