Deficiency of B12 Hoist Neural Tube Defects

Deficiency of vitamin B12 in the pregnant women may induce the brain or spinal cord defects in their babies, a new study founded.

Women who are vegetarian are at more risk because the vitamin B12 is more concentrated in meat and dairy products than the vegetables, American and Irish researches reported.

Study has founded that, in the women with the deficiency of B12, the risk is 2.5 times greater, to deliver child with neural tube defects which can bring about the partial paralysis or even death, than the pregnant women with the optimum level pf B12.

“Vitamin B12 is the most essential vitamin for the production of new blood cells and for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Women with the B12 deficiency not only put their lives at risk but also increase the chances of birth defects in newborns,” Dr. Duane Alexander said.

Researches collected and analyzed the blood of Irish pregnant women, a country that has the highest number of neural tube defects. These women had either delivered baby with birth defects or recognized to be a carrier of baby with defects.

Women with B12 level below 250 ng/l prior to conception had the three time greater risk of child with birth defects of nervous system and women with 150ng/l or lesser had the five time greater risk and considered to be the Vitamin B12 deficient.

Researchers focus on the role of folate, a key nutrient, which helps to prevent neural tube defects. The researchers noted that B12 and folic acid are associated with vital chemical changes and insufficiency of either B12 or folate can elevate the risk of birth defects. The recommended level for the women of childbearing age is 300ng/l and should consume 400 micrograms of folic cases every day.

Deficiency of B12 Hoist Neural Tube Defects
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