Cochlear Implant Surgery not Risky for Elderly

A new study has demonstrated the safe implantation of a cochlear device in elderly patients with showing no serious complications as an outcome of general anesthesia.

The researchers said there is no high ratio of complications to insert the device into older people to correct the hearing problem of deafness.

Phenomenon of cochlear implants involves the putting up these devices under the skull which translate sound directly into electrical impulse into the acoustic nerves and can perform well in the people who could not be benefited by conventional hearing aids.

It is already proved that cochlear implantation works very well in the old people having critical deafness. So, the patients who are getting insufficient aid from hearing devices should turn towards this new technology instead of using the old ones.

A team of researchers inspected the risk factor for anesthesia-related complications in the patients over 70 going through cochlear implantation. Normally, anesthesia lasts for an hour and a half during the process. Only three cases were reported with anesthesia-related complications. The people who were found with complications had the average age of 77 years alike others showing no complications.

There were other factors too along with the old age which made the basis of such complications, one of the researcher said. So, the doctors should not show hesitation to suggest the older patients to get implanted with this new device, the lead researcher emphasized.

Cochlear Implant Surgery not Risky for Elderly
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