Coastal Contacts for Healthy Eyes

Coastal Contacts is an internationally acclaimed direct to retailer for a large number of contact lenses and other eye care products. It has its roots in Vancouver, Canada with offices in Sweden, The Netherlands and Singapore. The company provides all its services in the field of eye care products such as contact lenses, eyeglasses and contact lens solutions to its customers. Since the company’s major channel for all their marketing is the Internet, they are in a position to cater to the needs of all their customers across the globe.

As a direct result of its web presence and service to customers using the medium of internet, the company has grown all across the globe with an employee base of approximately 200 and a customer base of approximately 2 million spread over 100 countries.Like many other successful companies, Coastal Contacts started out as a private company founded by Roger Hardy and his sister Michaela Tokarski in the year 2000 and gradually grew owing to their superior service quality.

By March 2001, the annual revenue earned by Coastal Contacts reached more than $1 million. This pattern of upward growth continued and in the year 2004, the company went public and was listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange two years later.

By 2007, the Company surpassed the $100 million mark in revenues. The growth has been both organic and through acquisition of four similar direct to consumer competitors in Sweden, the Netherlands and Singapore.

The company boasts of an impressive product line which consists of eye care products from manufacturers such as Johnson and Johnson and Bausch & Lomb. Since the company is involved in a direct to retailer marketing, the product range includes all major product lines such as Acuvue contact lenses, Freshlook and PureVision.

The global spread of the company provides its customers with a large inventory of products which include daily and extended wear contact lenses, colored contact lenses and special effects contact lenses.

Recent addition to Coastal Contacts’ product range includes products such as designer eyeglasses and sunglasses. The company is also involved in the sale of eyeglasses and sunglasses by Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nike Vision among many other premier designers and brands. In addition Coastal Contacts also offers contact lens solutions such as “Healthy Eyes” Multi-Purpose Contact  Lens Solution, which is completely owned by the company and also deals with other leading contact lens brands such as Renu Multiplus and Aosept.

Coastal Contacts for Healthy Eyes
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