Cheese Has Some Unhealthy Aspects

Adding some cheese to simple diet can make it the special one in taste, but while eating such food, which is rich in heavenly taste we can also eat up bacteria, stomach lining of mammals and pure fat.

In the preparation of chess and its flavor, bacteria are freely injected and tarnished into the substance. But not all have been accounted for, a new research finds.

Researchers of England, at Newcastle University, have discovered eight microorganisms on the French, brie-like cheese known as Reblochon. The health benefits of these new bacteria are still not identified.

Cheese contains flourishing microbes in every bite (though the freezing temperature ceases the growth but don’t kill them). Enzymes and microbes extracted from the stomach lining of any slaughtered mammal are added to make curt from milk.

In this procedure two important proteins are made, which are further used to make food products. One of them is “whey” the by product of the curdled milk used as essential ingredient to make proteinaceous food supplements. The second is casein, which makes up the major part of cheese, together with fat.

Cheese gives taste and aroma due to the presence of fats and 70 to 80 percent of the energy in cheese comes from pure fat. Food supplement providers are trying to add more bacterial strains into cheese to enhance flavors.

Cheese might be a hot favorite product, but it has some unhealthy features unlike other dairy items.

Cheese Has Some Unhealthy Aspects
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