Bad boss: A risk factor for your heart

According to some experts, hot temper bosses make working environment stressful as well as they may be a risk factor for their employees’ heart health.

In their study that includes 3,000 employed men, researchers from Sweden found that there was a strong link between the risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases, and bad leadership. This risk goes up if the employee works under this boss for long time.

The study has been published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

The results of some previous studies have shown that hot tempered and arrogant bosses may become the cause of driving up their workers’ blood pressure that may lead to higher risk of disease if persistent.

In their study, the researchers from Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University gathered information about the heart health of those male employees who worked around Stockholm area and aged 19 to 70.

The researchers found that there were 74 cases of serious heart attacks, acute angina and death from ischaemic heart disease over a period of ten years.

The participants of the study were asked to rate their bosses according to their leadership style on abilities like communication and giving feedback and setting goals for their staff etc.

The researchers found that the employees who rated their bosses as least competent had almost a 25% higher risk of a heart disease than those who rated their bosses as quite competent.

Bad boss: A risk factor for your heart
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