Abortion do not harm long-term mental health

There is no higher study that could explain that, an abortion causes a post-abortion syndrome or any psychological distress, till to date, U.S. researchers said.

Researchers reviewed 21 high-quality studies which involve more than 150,000 women undergone in the procedure of abortion and found no considerable differences in long-term mental health.

“The best collected data do not support any existence of a ‘post-abortion syndrome’ similar to post-traumatic stress disorder,” lead researcher said.

“If the objective is to aid women, policy decisions should not warp science with political agendas for advancement,” added Vignetta Charles.

Around 1.29 million women in America abort willingly each year and estimated 25 million women have legal abortions around the world every year.

Abortion has always been considered as a hot issue among political parties and U.S Congress and legislators are trying to ban it.

“The U.S. Supreme Court, while noting that ‘we find no satisfactory data to measure the phenomenon,’ cited adverse mental health outcomes for women as part of the rationale for limiting late term abortions,” Blum’s team wrote.

But the researchers reveal that, even the best conducted studies point out no significant changes in long-term mental health between women, who choose to terminate pregnancy and those who do not,” they wrote.

“Studies lacking the scientific measures consistently found adverse mental health consequences after abortion,” they added. “Scientists are still working to answer politically motivated questions.”

Abortion do not harm long-term mental health
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