Sodexo with New Meal Plans in Schools

Sodexo is determined to change the rate of childhood obesity from US with their emphasis on knowledge on nutrition, emphasis on nutritious food and local grown, organic produce use.

The company offers to supply food that bears no more than 35% fat in any of its products. This way it envisions cutting off the unnecessary calories for a child.

The company sees that childhood obesity can be linked with the extensive use of junk food in a child’s life. There are 470 US school districts that are now being served by Sodexo which are all going to see the face of changes here.

There are going to be total alternation of the kind of food being served and the way it is going to be served. Sodexo insists that too much of trans fat in most food available today is giving heavily detrimental effect to children today.

It will maintain the calorific requirement of every child but will not compromise on the quality. 10% of calories coming from the food will have saturated fat.

The food provided will be having no more than 35% sugar and will also have less than 230 mg of salt. All these positive changes are meant to bring back the face of health for children.

Sodexo determines to bring a healthier generation of children with its collaboration with some of the premier health institutes of the world. There are basic guidelines to education on nutritional value that children are also going to learn through a new teaching module being introduced. The guidelines are going to inculcate the habit of lifetime appreciation of the value of great nutrition among children.

Sodexo with New Meal Plans in Schools
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