Prenatal supplements lack desired iodine

In most of the multivitamin preparation for pregnant women, iodine is not sufficient as the manufacturers claim, that deficiency put the babies at the high risk of brain development disorders.

Tests of sixty brands reveal that, which claim to have iodine as key ingredient, do not contain the amount, stated on the label and are far less than the requirements of the pregnant mothers. The high risk has been noticed in the natural multivitamins because the obtain iodine from seaweed ash instead of salt.

“If the findings are absolutely correct, its mean supplements are not up to the mark,” FDA scientists said.

Iodine can be found naturally in the table salt, dairy products and the sea food. Iodine deficiency is the major cause of thyroid goiter and metal retardation, which affects the more than two billion people all over the world.

The standard recommendations for the pregnant women are 220 to 290 microgram of iodine everyday and those who consume less, put their infants on the great risk of developing hearing, growth and speech problems

According to the American Thyroid association, pregnant women should take iodine up to 150 microgram for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland that cast lasting effects on the brain development of the fetal.

On the basis of the researchers work, multivitamins that contains sufficient potassium iodide than kelp are good for the pregnant women.

Dr. Alex Stagnaro-Green said, “The findings identify a problem in a giant market of food supplement and urged the FDA to make iodine a must ingredient in all prenatal multivitamins.”

Prenatal supplements lack desired iodine
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