Obesity Heads to be Epidemic in Poor Families

A recent study has shown that one out of every 7 low income families have preschoolers that are obese.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports state that preschoolers are more affected with epidemic obesity in lower income family brackets.This health hazard in the United States has more to do with improper nourishment coming with the stress and really poor condition of health.

The new government reports circulate concern but also show that the level has decreased in the last few years. This report sites that the level of childhood obesity went to 12.4% in poor families in 1998. Then it went up to 14.5% in 2003. But 2008 it only went up to 14.6% which is of course a good sign of improvement.

The July 24th issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report states this report as received from the CDCP of USA.

Lower income preschool kids have been particularly been affected due to various reasons. The family’s lack of concern or inability to provide proper nutrition had to be the number one cause. The amount of stress affecting these families also had to do a lot in terms of growing obesity rates. But with the recent survey obesity rates have been shown to be stabilizing in these families creating a remarkably good sign of improvement overall!

Obesity Heads to be Epidemic in Poor Families
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