FDA Advisers Set Flu Season Vaccine for 2009-2010

On Wednesday, Food and Drug Administration; government medical advisors issued advices for flu vaccine to be administered in the next season. The flu reportedly kills more than 36,000 people in a year, and this vaccine administration is its preventive measure.

The panel advised only a slight change in the current vaccine pattern for 2009-2010, which shields three kinds of viruses. No changes were recommended for the A Type flu; the most fatal one. Viruses currently in circulation, two of the same A Type, will be protected with the same vaccine.

Advised changes are however for a milder virus: Type B/ Florida, which come with a strain of Type B/ Brisbane.

The need for vaccine generates due to the circulation of flu strain circulation each year. These strains disease numerous people, that’s why each winter vaccine is administered. To counter the season’s viral infections, manufacturers start preparing vaccines before time to avoid crisis. These vaccines are manufactured basing on critical research studies about the viral patterns.

Government intends to save as many people as possible. Cure has been recommended as must for certain people such as pregnant women, old people specifically above 50 years, people with chronic health conditions and children older than 6 years.

FDA Advisers Set Flu Season Vaccine for 2009-2010
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