Carbs Conversion Gene Identified

The specific gene that turns the carbohydrates into fats has been found by the U.S. researchers. This study has also provided the new approaches about the metabolism of the carbohydrates and their contribution in the obesity.

The isolated gene, known as DNA-PK, is responsible for the various actions of liver which are responsible for the carbohydrates conversion into fats, the researchers’ team reported in the journal “Cell.”

“We are optimistic that one day these findings were allowed the people to eat carbohydrates without the fear of obesity,” the researcher Roger Wong, said.

In the study, researchers fed the mice with sufficient carbohydrate in the presence of the disabled version of the DNA-PK. The mice remain slim even with the feed of enormous amount of carbohydrate.

“The mice with inactive gene were slim and they have 40 percent less fats then the normal mice because of the inability to turn carbohydrate into fats,” researchers said

Researchers explained the mice that have inactive DNA-PK are not able to convert high carbohydrate diet into fat that is why they have less fats and lesser blood cholesterol level. These findings may prove as a milestone in developing the new techniques to treat or prevent heart diseases.

Luckily humans have the same type of gene and the researchers think that new drugs aimed at this to prevent obesity and associated risk.

Carbs Conversion Gene Identified
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