Breast augmentation rising in financial crisis

World economic crisis are still not affecting cosmetic surgery as ever highest number of people are undergoing surgery in U.K. According to the figure, released by the professionals, highest number of men is undergoing breast surgery. The increase is five percent greater than the previous year.

As ghost of economic crisis is affecting very field of life, greater number of people are choosing to go under the surgical blade. The surgical procedure has increased three folds since 2003.

Since women have been considered to be the consisting major volume of surgery but now men-breast surgery has also become the increasing factor, in the growth of surgical procedures.

British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has reported 323 cases of breast reduction of men in 2008 which is 44 percent higher than 2008, ear correction, brow lifts and eyelid surgery.

“A remarkable rise in the number of procedures such as brow lifts and male breast reduction, the reason could be heightened media attention, which has allowed men to realize the positive effects that can be achieved.”

Breast augmentation procedure, in women, has also risen by 30 percent, with a similar rise in the number of abdominal surgery.

Mr Nigel Mercer, said: “These results show that even with the starts of a economic crisis last year, the people are still, strongly adherent to the aesthetic surgery.

Breast augmentation rising in financial crisis
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