Bipolar Disorder Transfers from Parent to Offspring

Children of bipolar disorder patients are at high risk of mania episodes and depression. They may also develop bipolar disorders in relatively early age, researcher founded.

The study participants were 388 kids of 233 couples with bipolar disorders and controlled group of 251 kids of 143 parents without any psychiatric diagnosis. Researchers noted, children of bipolar parents have developed the bipolar spectrum disorder compared to less than one percent children of controlled group.

The mood disorders were also common in the kids of uncontrolled group, researchers added.

The risk was highest in the children whose both parents were bipolar. Condition was developed in almost 29 percent kids of bipolar parents in comparison with ten percent of kids who had one parent, either mother or father, with mood disorders.

“Majority of the parents reported onset of bipolar disorder before the age of 20 and about 20 percent developed before the age of 13,” Dr. Boris Birmaher said.

On the contrary, their offspring are more likely to develop early episodes of bipolar disorder before the age of 12 years. This finding suggests that the probability of disease development in the next generation of bipolar parents is far earlier. The findings of the study could be beneficial for the parents and their doctor to diagnose the condition at early stages.

“Medical professionals who deals in the adult bipolar disorder should ask about their children’s psychopathology to offer prompt diagnosis and premature interventions for any mood disorder that may affect children’s development, especially early-onset bipolar disorder,” researchers reported.

Bipolar Disorder Transfers from Parent to Offspring
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