AIDS entering dangerous phase in China

According to the health officials of China, the death rate due to AIDS was the ever highest, last year compare to all other infections. In the history of China, this has happened in the first time.

Now the report from country’s state media has revealed that the 7,000 people get died because of AIDS in the first nine month of 2008. So this disease overlapped and pushed the other diseases like T,B and rabies to second and third places.

China’s Ministry of Health has expressed their worries that the number is increasing widely. The total number of death count due to AIDS was just 8,000 altogether till three years back.

Available data of the AIDS patients in China are unpredictable but the official reports of new cases have got lowered.

The authorities are planning to raise the HIV issue as a public health crisis and create awareness about the associated risks through the educational campaigns.

But the office of provincial levels are showing negligence or the least concern about the issue as they think, it is out of their interests. According to the experts, the spread of HIV in China has entered in the dangerous phase. It is more common in high-risk populated areas and the drug users that use injections to inject drug.

But the main cause, which has been pointed out by the researchers is the unsafe sex. Though the China is still a conservative society but the social values are now changing with the industrial development.

This development has provided the opportunity to millions of people to migrate toward the main cities and enjoy the vagueness. Prostitution has increased and male workers have more opportunities to find sex.

AIDS entering dangerous phase in China
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