Unhappy kids grow up as sick adults

A study has found that the kids, who remain unhappy in their childhood, grow up into disables or permanent sick adults, UK researchers found.

The researchers of the King’s College London flick through over seven thousand people, who were born between the years of 1950 to 1955.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Teachers used to describe them as unhappy and they were also not being able to work occasionally due to the sickness in the middle age. These children were the victim of depression as well, the researchers said.

Researchers asked teacher about such kids’ regularity and the disposition. They also found some of such kind of children, who were now in the middle age, to find out their employment status.

Approximately four hundred reported, they have irregularity in work or unable to work due to ill-health or permanent disability, respectively.

“Still more research is required to prove the connection of childhood unhappiness with the sickness in adulthood. But unhappiness certainly seems to be a causative factor.

On the basis of the previous researches, the researchers think that group of such people is more vulnerable to neurological disorders such as depression and anxiety that is a leading cause of the being off work.

“Children who remain unhappy and show poor concentration in class rooms often live with the disinterested parents. This factor leads them unable to perform at school and at workplace and falling into this cycle,” Dr Alan Maryon Davis, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health, said.

Unhappy kids grow up as sick adults
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