STI Increasing in Older Generation

An irresponsible attitude from middle-age people about the sexual health is continued to be seen, health experts said.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Among the two thousand adults every fifth person had the unprotected sex with other than the long-term partner, within the last five year.

The rate of sexually transmitted infections (STI) have already increased to double and still increasing with a much greater pace in the people over 45 than the youngsters, researchers reported.

Older people are undergoing the pushy relationship changes and with the diminishing chances of pregnancy they are less apt to use the protection. Researcher noticed that old age generation was ignoring the risk of STIs.

Almost 25 percent old aged people reported that they don’t need the protection with their sex partner as they were confident that their partners don’t have a STI. Only ten percent represents the true feeling, they dislike the feeling of condom during sex.

RPSGB spokeswoman Heidi Wright said: “The recent messages of safe sex are focusing on teenagers, but this survey explains that adults clearly need advice too.

Lisa Power said: “Including teenagers, some other people also have the misconception that they’re immune from harm. Age doesn’t matter, for new or multiple sex partners, condoms should be used for the health protection of both.”

STI Increasing in Older Generation
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