Parenting Tips for the New Parent

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There are many reasons why parents need to fix for themselves a guide line for parenting styles so that their child grows up safe, well behaved and healthy. Many times for parents who are either first time parents or have had a premature child they tend to pamper their child a good deal and make no strict parenting rules; this can be harmful for the child more than anyone else and thus every parent needs to be careful. Right from the stage of pregnancy parents need to fix a rigid parenting guideline for themselves until their preemies are born. Here are some points that you must strongly have on your list.

Sticking to your ground rules is very important. Make sure that you make known to your child, that tantrum and whines will not help them get what they want. You should not budge from the rules that you have set for your child because if you do then your child will start taking you for granted as they grow up. Simply, say no and change the subject and do not give them a chance to make a big protest.

Discipline inside your house should not be planned according to your good and bad moods. When you do make threats for scaring your child into doing something or being disciplined make sure that those threats are practical and that you always follow through with them if your child tries to test you. If you do not follow through with such threats once again your child will take you for granted.

Also, remember always that you are the parent and that there is no real substitute for a parent and so you should try spending as much time possible with your child, and give them your respect and admiration and make them feel like they belong.

Parenting Tips for the New Parent
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