Nicotine Byproducts, Key Cause of Lung Cancer

Scientists have isolated two chemicals that can cause cancer and may enable doctors to identify, which smoker will develop cancer, study reported.

Smokers which have the high concentration of nicotine by-products “NNAL” and “cotinine” have the higher risk of developing lung cancer than the smoker with low concentration of NNAL and cotinine in their urine. This study may explain that why some smokers develop cancer and other do not.

“There are more than 60 culprit agents of cancer but the exact identification will able us to predict the risk,” lead researcher Jian-Min Yuan said.

Laboratory findings have explained that the animals with high NNAL level develop cancer, but the implementation of the similar phenomenon in human has not been explained yet.

The scientists collected data of 50,000 men and women from 45 to 74 of age, participating in two different Chinese studies. While noting their smoking habit, life style, eating habits researchers collected their urine and blood samples.

Researchers highlighted 246 smokers who developed cancer within the 10 years and 246 people who didn’t. they also explain that the smokers with highest NNAL and cotinine level have the approximately 9 folds of developing cancer than the smoker with lowest level.

Researchers claimed that the NNAL and other by product of nicotine are the right initiation for the prediction of cancer and the motive behind is to aware smokers about the development of cancer through screening.

Nicotine Byproducts, Key Cause of Lung Cancer
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