Negative Effects Of Steroids

Negative Effects Of Steroids

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A candle glows destroying itself. Similar is the functioning of steroids. One who takes it to improve their body growth and appearance can well be losing the health inside them completely.

The negative effects of steroids can be realized if one understands the meaning of steroids better. Steroids are male sex hormones which are produced in a small quantity in females too. The most powerful male sex hormone or the androgens is called the testosterones. These are responsible for the growth of muscles and tissues in the body. Steroids are nothing but pills that are synthesized male sex hormones (artificially produced hormones). Thus people take it for increasing their muscle size.

Some take it for increasing the growth of their reproductive organs too. They are most commonly used by the athletes and models. While consumption of steroids can significantly improve the appearance of the body they are silent killers inside the body. They reduce weight at the expense of eating the internal tissues.

Steroids directly affect the immune system of the body and make it less active. And thus the persons consuming these pills are likely to face problems like giddiness, nausea, vomiting, and etc. More serious effects of the pills include increasing the chances for breast cancer and heart strokes.

Some of the physically visible effects include developing of red spots all over the body, rashes in the nose, swelling of legs and feet. It also affects the taste buds making it sore and gives a bad breath.tempat wisata jogja

The pill also causes certain psychological problems. As testosterones are directly related to the aggressive levels of a person, the person taking steroids may start behaving violently and are likely to develop a feeling of fear and mistrust. It also causes delusion and depression.

Thus the dangers of steroids are alarmingly high.

Negative Effects Of Steroids
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