Myth Debunking of Diabetes

There are many myths and strange notions aboutdiabetes and the most common of them is that diabetes cannot be reversed. This is just never possible as with changes in lifestyle and even with just holistic help diabetes gets reversed by many. Today diabetes is just one of the greatest diseases to come to affect thousands of Americans. Thanks to the huge effect of junk food and refined sugar that diabetes has been coming to the stage that it is here now. Doctors tell you repeatedly that giving up refined sugar and flour, even if you don’t have diabetes is a powerfully healthy habit that will keep you healthy in many ways.

One can really escape a lot many diseases, including diabetes. Not only do you lose weight but you have less of the processed sugar and feel better in health in many ways. Beware of processed sugar in different hidden resources. These could be in anything from your cream latte coffee to your daily bread.

To give up more of processed food one has to have whole foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein.These whole foods really help you feel and look great and as well as give you much lesser chances of diseases like diabetes.  Some of the myths that follow this whole sugar and processed flour story is that you don’t need to worry about it unless you get a disease like heart attack or diabetes.

Unfortunately most of our kids grown on processed sugar included in almost all of their food from ice cream to soda pop to candies and pastries. There is hardly a thing that is without processed sugar and all of us in our childhood, has been overloaded and drugged processed sugar and flour, in such a way that it ultimately numbs our senses in every way possible and takes slow creeping toll of our health. Stopping this cycle of getting out of it is really as important whether or not we are diabetic. Yes that this means a severe cutting up off our “feast” food or our treats. But we can always get a sugar free or non sugar alternative.

Aspartame and xylitol, unfortunately have a lot of problems coming with them to give us problems as well. One of the best ways to sweeten our dishes is through natural plant extract stevia or raw honey. Date syrup by blending dates in our blender with some water or just fresh fruit juices can also be used to sweeten some of our desserts and dishes. You will be amazed how you do not miss sugar at all! For many people diabetes may be inherited in the family but it does not have to be so if you make some key lifestyle changes.

Myth Debunking of Diabetes
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