Making Life Better with Incontinence Products

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Making life better with products for incontinence
Most of the people hate the idea of discussing their incontinence problem with others. They may be even shy to talk of it to a doctor. If you are one such person, who is suffering from such a problem, and wouldn’t want to discuss it, the products and supplies for incontinence available today in the market are truly meant for you!

Incontinence is a condition that can cause health issues as well as hygiene issues. So if you have this problem, you should be aware of the precautions to be taken and the supplies that will help you be clean and safe always. All these can be either obtained easily from a drug store, or can be bought from online stores.

Basic requirements
If you have a senior person suffering from this problem, know that what they need is care and love instead of teasing and embarrassment. For the incontinence supplies, you can provide them with briefs, and other supplies that will help them remain clean and germ free always.

Some of the basic incontinence supplies required are the following:

  • Briefs : they can be either disposable ones or washable and reusable ones, depending on the comfort of the person. These help to collect the urine that rushes out suddenly.
  • Disposable Gloves : you can get them in various styles and sizes, so as to suit the requirement of each person. They help to keep your hands germ free, especially while changing the urine filled briefs. You can get them in boxes of bulk quantities.
  • Underpads : these are also called chux and they are used to keep the furniture, bedding etc from getting wet. They can be kept in between the person and the bed. These are disposable ones and hence save the time involved in cleaning.
  • Wipes or Bathing Cloths : these help to take off the extra urine or faeces that is sticking to the person’s body. Sometimes these wipes come with deodorizers, but make sure they don’t cause any skin irritation to the person before starting the regular use.
  • Ointments for the skin : the extra urine or faeces that stick to the skin can cause itching and irritation, as the skin there is very sensitive. So as to avoid this, you can use ointments that are water proof. This also helps in avoiding red rashes, skin breakdown etc.
  • Liners and Pads : these are appropriate ones for people with intermittent incontinence. There are different varieties available like the sticker type which can be stuck to the underwear or the belt type, which comes with a belt, to hold the pad in place.
  • Catheters : these are mainly meant for senior males and females.
  • Leg bags and other bags for urine collection: these are meant for the people who use the catheters.
  • Cleansing Foam : these are washing foams used to clean the skin around that area. They may also come with moisturizers to smoothen up the skin thus protect it.
  • The last and most important thing required is a waste basket that is well covered, to deposit all the waste. Thus, using all these, you can make it easier to look after your loved one, and make them feel that they are cared for!