Gestational diabetes and pregnancy

It has often been observed that women, who have gestational diabetes as pregnant, also have a higher risk of developing type2 diabetes later.

If you are also suffering from gestational diabetes during pregnancy, some lifestyle changes can prove helpful to decrease your risk of becoming the victim of type2 diabetes later in life. Here are some tips that can prove helpful in this connection:

  1. Don’t allow your body weight to rule you and your body. If you have 20% more weight than what is considered ideal for the body, you have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. If you succeed to shed few pounds, it may decrease your risk of developing type2 diabetes.
  2. Take low-fat diets
  3. Consume vegetables, fresh fruits as much as you can
  4. Take exercise daily as it helps body to burn glucose without requiring some extra insulin.
Gestational diabetes and pregnancy
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