Gene Mutation Causes Skin Cancer in Majority

According to the latest findings, genetic mutation is the key culprit that triggers more than 70 percent of the deadliest skin cancer, melanoma.

Scientists already knew that the gene BRAF get damaged or mutated in melanoma, but either this is the cause or the result was unclear.

But the latest findings revealed that first mutation occurs in the gene that leads to the skin cancer.

This study confirms that the gene mutation is the key factor that can stimulate the factors responsible for the skin cancer. Richard Marais, lead researcher of the study said, “it’s an established thought that excessive sun exposure can cause melanoma, but the adequate knowledge of genetic influence was not common before these findings.”

“This study explains the gene mutation of BRAF is the triggering step in this form of skin cancer. These findings will help us to develop more potent treatments for this disease.”

In UK more than two thousand people lost their lives due to this disease and 9,500 new cases are being reported each year.

In only two third of cases, excessive sun exposure is responsible for the melanoma skin cancer because sun light could harm the genetic make up and cause mutation.

“Many researchers are now focusing on developing such treatments that might actively counter the effects of mutant BRAF. Better knowledge will help the scientists to develop most appropriate treatment with fewer side effects.

Gene Mutation Causes Skin Cancer in Majority
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