Enlarged Prostate: Some warning indications

As men get older, they often have to suffer from enlarged prostate, as the gland often swells with age. This enlarged prostrate becomes the cause of many painful symptoms and it is essential for men with enlarged prostate to get medical treatment promptly.

According to a study, nearly 52% of men with an enlarged gland do not have any symptoms, but if they have to suffer from the following, they must reckon them as warning signs.

  1. Slow start of urination and with a weaker stream.
  2. To face difficulty when passing urine or even in some cases it becomes almost impossible to urinate.
  3. To feel that the urine bladder hasn’t entirely emptied after urination
  4. To have blood or extreme pain while urinating
  5. To have trickling after urination or not be able to control urine flow.
  6. To feel the need of urination again and again.
Enlarged Prostate: Some warning indications
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