Eggs Production With ‘Ovarian Stem Cells’

Chinese researchers claimed that, they have produced new eggs with the help of stem cells from the ovaries of young and adult female mice that can open the new ways for the female infertility treatment.

Scientists believe that process of oocytes (egg production) stops before birth in mammals including humans. In the report researchers explained, the have developed the way to produce eggs while using stem cells taken from the ovaries of female mice.

“These findings may have important propositions for the preparation of reproductive medicines,” researchers said.

In the other scientists’ opinion, results are amazing but still more verification is required.

In the study, scientist isolated the ovarian stem cell form the five-day-old mice and an adult mice. They cultured these cells in the lab for more than six months and then transplanted it to the female mice for the treatment of infertility. Astonishingly, more than eight percent of the treated mice produce offspring with the natural process of mating.

Professor of physiology, Dr. Azim Surani, who wasn’t the part of the study said: “during mating there are numerous sperms cell released but the number of ovum is fixed at birth”

These findings suggest that ovarian stem cells remain alive in the dish that can be transferred to the infertile mice to produce eggs. These results provide the opportunity to understand the functioning of stem cells.

Some researchers called for caution: “sequences of studies are necessary to understand that what type of cells these are and how far they are effective too.”

Eggs Production With ‘Ovarian Stem Cells’
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