Cancer Causing Marijuana

A new research has found that long term use of marijuana can increase the probability of an individual of developing the most aggressive Testicular cancer in his body. The intake of Marijuana can increase 70 percent risk of cancer.

The risk is basically to those individuals who are in a regular habit of using this Marijuana or to those who starts using this at early ages or in adolescence. Most of the individuals have this risk at the ages of 20s or 30s.

Some studies reveal that cancer is caused when Marijuana is correlated with the use of alcohol and habit of smoking. But till now it has been proved that Marijuana can independently cause cancer.

It has been found that Marijuana smoke contains about 33 of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke contains.The use of Marijuana can also cause reproductive harms. So a good care should be taken and Marijuana should be avoided in order to save our lives.

Cancer Causing Marijuana
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